How to Delete Gmail Account Permanently? Step by Step Guide

Gmail is the main mail specialist co-op on the planet with more than 1 billion clients around the world. Let it be known or not you probably adored Gmail once, and that is the reason you made your Gmail account in any case. It might be conceivable that you made your record when you were in Standard tenth, and you never again require the record. Possibly you don’t trust Gmail and need to change over to other mail administrations. Maybe you need to make another record, and to do that; You need to erase your Gmail account.

On the off chance that you need to erase your Gmail account and don’t know how. You are in the correct place. In this article, I will tell how you can erase your Gmail account in most straightforward conceivable way. Before diving deep into to idea give us a chance to perceive what you lose and what will happen in the event that you erase your Gmail account. In the event that you, People never again would have the capacity to send you messages on your Gmail account. On the off chance that anyone tries to mail you to your Gmail address, the mail will skip back.

Things that you should consider before deleting your Gmail account:

  • You will never again have the capacity to utilize Google mail administrations – After erasing your Gmail account, your Gmail address will be evacuated and you won’t have the capacity to get or send messages from your record. I prescribe that you educate every one of your contacts previously for all time erasing your record. Google mail benefits likewise incorporate Google Inbox administrations, and you may even lose your entrance to Google Inbox.
  • Your username won’t be accessible regardless of whether you erase your Gmail account – If you are pondering to erase your record and redo it utilizing the same username at that point reconsider on the grounds that nobody aside from you will have the capacity to utilize your enlisted Gmail Address ( It is for the security reason. It ensures that nobody utilizes your old Email Address in future.
  • Your Access to outsider administrations related with your Gmail Account may be lost – We utilize Gmail for email purposes as well as it has numerous more focal points, and that incorporates administrations like speedy enrollment on sites. In the event that you have enlisted on any site utilizing your Gmail Authentication at that point there are odds of you losing access to those administrations. To maintain a strategic distance from this ensure you refresh your E-mail addresses on those sites previously erasing your record.
  • You never again will have the capacity to reset passwords – on the off chance that you have enlisted on any online networking webpage utilizing your Gmail record, and you overlooked your secret key. You can’t recuperate your secret key unless you have refreshed your E-mail ID on that site.
  • Your Google account is protected regardless of whether you erase your Gmail account – If you need to erase your Gmail record to dispose of your Google history, at that point kindly don’t do that. Erasing your Gmail record will do no damage to your Google account. On the off chance that you are concerned that you may lose your Google account by erasing Gmail account, at that point don’t stress. You are concealed.
  • Recouping your erased Gmail account is conceivable, however you have to act quick – If you need to erase your Gmail account on a brief premise at that point don’t stress. You can without much of a stretch do that, however you will just get a period windows of couple of weeks to recoup.
  • You can take a reinforcement of your messages – You can without much of a stretch reinforcement every one of your messages from settings before erasing your record. Moving down your messages will ensure you don’t lose your valuable messages.

Presently, subsequent to perusing these point, regardless you need to erase your record at that point continue perusing for additional data.

How To Delete Your Gmail Account:

  • Sign into your Gmail account settings by following this connection and tap on Sign in.
  • Subsequent to signing in into your record, Click on Delete record or administrations under Account Preferences.
  • Snap erase items.
  • Google may ask you to re-enter your secret key. On the off chance that it does, Simply re-enter your watchword.
  • At that point a junk can may be noticeable beside Gmail. Simply tap on that.
  • Presently, enter another essential Email address and your watchword lastly tap on evacuate Gmail catch.
  • You may be made a request to confirm your new address. On the off chance that it does then login to the email address that you gave and take after the check direction there.
  • At long last, Click on Delete Gmail (Note: You can’t fix after this progression)
  • Tap on OK catch.

All Done! In the event that you took after the means effectively till now, you more likely than not erased your Gmail account effectively.


In the event that you are certain that you needn’t bother with your Gmail account any more. At exactly that point take after the means said above. Erasing your Gmail account is a non-recuperation process, and you can never recoup your erased messages.

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